KDJ Productions is an

KDJ Productions is not just a company for providing some services for their clients, but also an innovative house with its own products with a reputated brand. As the founder of KDJ, I really like to say, this brand name will do a change in the future.

In short, We do Web Development, Software Development, Graphic Designing, Video Production, Consulting, and any service which is related to the IT field.

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Sinhala Typing App for Mobile
KDJ Singlish - Android

KDJ Singlish - Android Version was just an application with a singlish to Sinhala converter. But now, it's capable of helping you with many functions you need.

Mobile version was specially developed for Sinhala Typers like students who are doing Sinhala Assignments, Graphic Designers who are doing hard Sinhala typing work and anyone who need a good solution for Sinhala Typing.

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Sinhala Typing App for PC Offline
KDJ Singlish - Windows

KDJ Singlish - Windows is another one of most popular Sinhala Typing and Converting apps in Sri Lanka. Speciallity of this tool was 100% Free and Offline to use. With those features, KDJ Singlish become a very essential software for everyone's PC.

As we have mentined above, this tool was specially developed for people who are interested in typing in Sinhala.

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Sinhala Typing App - Online
KDJ Singlish - Web

KDJ Singlish Web is the first step of this journey. However, the latest version has been very advanced from the previous versions. User friendly interface, less mistakes, monthly updates will be the difference from other online converters.

If you need to type in Sinhala anytime, anywhere you need, KDJ Singlish - Web Version will be your choice.

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